Language Resources for Business and Research


Lingvistica is one of the world leaders in supplying off-the-shelf and custom-made linguistic resources for various applications, such as web-search engines, spell-checkers (text spellers), dictionary look-up, word search, translation memory, language learning, automatic translation.

Lingvistica develops linguistic resources for use in artificial intelligence, text analytics and by virtual assistants. Based on your visit  you might be interested in our activities on information retrieval, frequency wordlists, data mining, grammatical analysis, automatic translation, soundfiles, morphological and semantic lists.
We have developed products and procedures for more than 30 languages and we are capable of many more.


West European languages: English, Afrikaans, Czech, Danish, Dutch (including Flemish), French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese (including Brazilian Portuguese), Spanish (including Latin American Spanish), Swedish, Turkish.

East European languages, including Slavic and Baltic: Bulgarian, Croatian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Rusyn, Serbian, Ukrainian, Latvian, Lithuanian.

Asian languages: Malay, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese,Korean

Our market

We develop and supply to our customers all over the world. Our linguists and lexicographers are located in Canada (head office), The Netherlands (head office), USA,  and Ukraine

Lingvistica’s customers are corporate users all over the world: in the Americas and Europe, in Australia and Asia.

Lingvistica's partners

  Language Engineering Company, USA:  www.lec.com

  VirtualWare Technologies, Canada:  www.allvirtualware.com

  Yevshan Communications, Inc., Canada:  www.yevshan.com

  World Language Resources, Inc., USA:  www.worldlanguage.com

  SmartLink Corp., USA:  www.smartlinkcorp.com

Lingvistica is also a world renown developer of language software for:


  automatic translation

  language learning

  word search, dictionary and phrasebook look-up

  phonetic keyboard support

  clipart presentation

Due to Lingvistica’s flexibility, our prices are very competitive. Simply contact us to let us know what you need, and we will certainly meet your requirements as well as your budget.

In Canada phone +1 514 331 0172
e-mail: ling98@videotron.ca

In the Netherlands phone +31 162 313323